Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hello :)

Hello, welcome to my blog! 

After months and months of unsuccessful job hunting for a full time position, I'm tired of being upset and worried about it. In between the interviews and meetings with recruitment consultants, I find myself doing a lot of shopping, partly to kill time and partly for retail therapy.  

So I thought I would start a blog about the products I've bought and my ever growing wishlist (xmas is around the corner!). Since I only work part-time, most of the make up I buy is from highstreet stores (drugstore). However every now and then when I've saved up I do invest in highend mid-range products.

My skin colour is medium brown, so a lot of the products I'll blog about are to match my skin tone. I do stick to a lot of black and brown shades. But I want to try some bolder colours and even try some lipsticks.

Currently I only own the real technique brushes and a few eco-tools brushes, but starting January 2014 I will be buying one or two MAC/Bobbi Brown brushes a month as I would like to start building a collection. As well as brush them against my face whilst I fill in my job applications. 

Finally the name BoopBoop is merely a phrase my boyfriend uses from time to time.